Ticket Help

I need help with my ticket

Can I get a refund? No. Except when there's a cancellation of an event, there are no other circumstances in which we can refund a ticket. It is simply not possible to do this due to the nature of the online digital ticketing system.

I bought a ticket online but have not received an email with it, what do I do? Most ticket delivery problems are due to a misspelled/wrong email address. Please message us at party@threedayweekendnyc.com so we can fix your email.

What's with the different ticket prices? Our presale system offers a bigger discount to those who purchase tickets in advance. The closer we get to the event date, the higher the ticket price. The actual ticket is the same for everyone, the only thing that changes is the price you pay for it. The sooner you commit to an event the cheaper is the price for a ticket.